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Jessica Garcez
Birth & Postpartum, Placenta Specialist, Childbirth Educator, Doula Trainer & Consultant

Doula Mentoring

This is a 50 minutes mentoring section to help you opening your doula business.

Please have your questions listed prior to the meeting so we can use our time effectively.

Zoom meetings

Fee: $45

Doula Mentoring - CPI

This is 45 minutes of mentoring for CPI Doulas trained only by Jessica Garcez CPI trainers.

Please have your questions and/or concerns listed so we can use our time effectively. If possible send that list to

Zoom meetings

Doula Business

This is a 4 hours workshop that will be focused on how to start your doula business.

Topics: Birth and Postpartum Interviews/ Choosing and Creating your website/ How to Plan for Births and Postpartum work/ Building a Contract/ Taxes

Oakland - CA or Zoom

Fee: $200 per person

Breastfeeding 101

This 4 hours workshop explores the many benefits of nursing as well as techniques for approaching nursing challenges with new parents.

Topics: How breastfeeding works/ Getting the best start/ Latching on/ Getting enough milk/ Breast care/ Breast Pumps/ Talking to Mothers/ Practice makes perfect/ 100 pages Handout

Oakland - CA or Zoom

Fee: $150 per person

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