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Placenta Encapsulation Packages

Raw or Un-steamed Method

The placenta is rinsed, sliced thin and dehydrated at a temperature of 160* Fahrenheit, for 24 hours. This method is believed to be more potent, and hormone rich. Steaming or cooking the placenta causes the most hormone loss. The heat from the dehydrator is high enough to kill GBS, and any meconium.

Steamed or TCM Method

​The placenta is rinsed, and steamed gently with or without herbs in the steaming water this method is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. The placenta is steamed to 131 degrees F for 30 minutes and then dehydrate at 160 F for 24 hours.  This method will kill any potential bacteria from the birth or hospital.

Extras Singleton

Tincture $40

Prints $20

Smoothies $10 (each)

Smaragdine Package $300

Transport Kit

Pickup and drop-off

Pills steamed & unsteamed



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Extras Multiples

Tinctures $65 (2 6oz bottles)

Prints $40 (2 prints)

Smoothies $10 (each)

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